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[[to get high score]]
・gain many combos!
It generates by performing continuously operation which carried out it "is movement from a hand to a place about a card" of the combo, or was referred to as "Turning over an inside-out card" and which is repeatedly impossible repeatedly, without turning over a hand.
Even if it performs the operation which is repeatedly possible repeatedly, for example, "the card of a place is moved to another sequence" etc., a combo does not occur.
Moreover, a combo will break off using an item.
Since you can gain a high score the more the more a combo becomes large, please aim at the combo!

・Time and Move minimum!
A score is extended by clearing by few moves as soon as possible!

・Do not use Item as much as possible.
If You use item , the score calculation at the time of a clearance when the item was used -- since a demerit mark will be given, let's make item use into the minimum!
Moreover, "No item bonus" occurs by completing without an item only.
So let's use an item when it is surely got blocked.

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